Cedric ran a $25 million business with 100 employees. Shamim is a leading professor at Lehigh University. Tracy is a leading attorney at the law firm Anapol Weis. We have brought our combination of business, education and professional experience to the board room of the Saucon Valley School District over the last 4 years and are seeking your continued support in our re-election bid to keep the momentum and make sure our schools will continue to address the needs of the kids, families, and the community.

We are in particular proud of our record of accomplishments during our first term. We are one of the few school districts in the nation to have been open for the full 2020-2021 school year so that parents could choose to send their students in-person full time or have them learn from home. The District is on a more sustainable financial path than it was before, and we achieved that without raising taxes or cutting any programs or services. In fact Saucon Valley has expanded curricular offering during the last four years, by offering exciting new options to kids and families in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. The sound financial stewardship of the district has also been achieved while we have kept the facilities up to date and made investments in our infrastructure to support the activities that we all love to see our community pursue.

Saucon Valley, like every other school district in the commonwealth continues facing economic challenge. Our Pennsylvania legislators take more from our school districts while our citizens have no more to give. Considering the limitation that we have in not being able to control what Harrisburg does, we have focused on what we can do to remedy the situation for our tax payers. We will continue to manage our schools with business efficiency while defending taxpayers by exploring every possible way to keep our taxes in check.

Saucon Valley schools are good. Lots of great people come together every day to provide a top notch educational experience to our kids, but things can always improve. We will work to make Saucon Valley work better for all stakeholders, improve communication with our community and enhance school programs to bring distinction to our school district. This will increase our property values without adding to the budget.

Shamim Pakzad

Shamim is a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Lehigh University and is currently serving as the Department Chairman. He has more than 30 year of experience in engineering and education. He is a parent of 2 boys, 12 and 10, both of whom are students at Saucon Valley, and is running to contribute back to the community.

Shamim thinks our school system can work better, for the kids and for the taxpayers in this community. He is proud of the work that he has done in the last 4 years to improve the schools. The taxes have remained at the same level, quality and variety of the educational programs improved, and the reputation of the school as a leading pro-kids and pro-community district enhanced. He is particularly proud of the fact that Saucon Valley is the only public school district in Lehigh Valley to provide the option of in-person education to its families while making sure kids and families who were hesitant or unable to attend school in-person could receive a quality remote education through Saucon's great teachers. The schools remained safe during this pandemic year and scientific advice and recommendations were taken seriously and implemented with fidelity.

Shamim is against raising school taxes for the senior citizens in the next 4 years and will continue to work to elevate the reputation of this school district by bringing in new and innovative ideas. He believes the district should run its budget and finances analytically and strategically like a business.

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Cedric Dettmar

Cedric grew up in a small town in the Colorado mountains, even smaller than Saucon Valley. His college degrees are in technology and finance, and he has worked for small and large companies doing many jobs from painting lines on the street to managing a $25 million business unit as a vice president at Oracle, one of the world’s largest high-tech companies. Cedric is now the owner of a small high-tech business, Janmar Systems.

Cedric has served on the School Board since 2017 and has attended nearly every school board meeting since 2010. He has raised over $80K for our schools from corporate donors, coaches the Middle School math club and assists with the High School robotics team.

Cedric is proud of the School Board’s accomplishments during his term, especially keeping our schools open so our children can continue learning safely and our parents can continue working. He and the Board have approved expanded learning opportunities for our students, made needed renovations to our facilities, and negotiated an early contract with the teachers’ union, all while holding the line on taxes.

Cedric will continue using his business and finance experience to find ways to keep costs low, defend us taxpayers and bring distinction to our schools.

Cedric's Biography and Positions on the Issues

Tracy Magnotta

Tracy is an attorney at the law firm of Anapol Weiss. Throughout her professional career, Tracy has been recognized for her outstanding legal work and has been named a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer for many years.

Tracy grew up in the Lehigh Valley and returned with her husband Carmen in 2007 to raise their family, including 4 boys who are students at our Saucon Valley schools.

Tracy is very sensitive to the large financial burden that school taxes place on our local residents, especially our senior citizens. She is committed to continue leveraging all available free resources and do her best to increase opportunities for our students without increasing the financial burden on our local taxpayers.

Tracy is running for reelection based on her record of the last 4 years. During this time she consistently voted to keep school taxes low while making sure the district has resources to provide an excellent education for all kids. Tracy firmly believes that our schools stayed open this year because of our quality teachers, administrators, and support staff that are the backbone of our school community, our great facilities that have been well-maintained, and the leadership of the district that made sure this option remains available to our kids.

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